North Texas Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates

North Texas SGNA Officers

David Hambrick, RN
Work: 214-947-3865
Cell: 214-724-8681

President Elect
Subrina Calloway
Cell: 469-231-5475

Past President
Rosie Parker
Cell: 214-552-9849

Jennifer Gossett, LVN
Cell: 214-770-8848
Work: 214-345-2669

Stephanie Phillips
Cell: 214-995-7328

Sue Ellen Balcom, RN
Cell: 972-989-2070

Beja Mlinarich, RN

Neelam Rajani, RN

Cathleen Shellnut, BS,RN,CGRN

North Texas Fall Round-Up Update!

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Message from the President

Greetings! As per custom, I have been asked to write up a brief missive to talk about the goals and outlook for the North Texas Region of the SGNA. As such, I am going to take this chance to discuss what we (the leadership of the NTSGNA) are working on to make the region better for its members. If I had to use a single word to describe the "theme" for 2012, I would use the word "Refocus". We want to refocus on what is important to the members of the NTSGNA.

We have been reviewing our practices and habits and member comments from the past couple of years, and there are several areas in which we need to do better. The most obvious for our members is communication, both about the activities of the region as well as notifications (and registrations) for education events. In response, a new email address for NTSGNA has been set up ( which will be used for all communication about the region. This will help prevent lost emails, as well as members from wondering who to email with specific questions. This email will be monitored and replies promptly sent as necessary.

The next area of communication we are improving is our process for alerting members to educational opportunities. Last year at the House of Delegates, a Resolution was proposed to have National SGNA forward emails for regions, since there are few private email accounts that will allow the mass emailing for a couple hundred notices of events without tripping a spam filter. The Resolution was denied, meaning it is up to the regions to implement their own solution. In response, the NTSGNA is evaluating a program called "MailChimp", which should allow us to effectively communicate with our regional members (and those members in neighboring regions). As nothing in life is free, there may be a small advertising blurb on the bottom of the email. We will monitor this and see if membership feels if it's a worthy tradeoff for more effective email communication.

Another change we are looking at is returning to the postal mailing of educational opportunities. We have received many complaints about members not receiving notification of events, despite our best efforts at maintaining a comprehensive email list. Mailing notifications is more costly with regards to time and money, but we want to be able to ensure all of our members receive notifications in a timely manner. Of course, the leadership of NTSGNA can't do it alone. We really need all of our members to log on to and update their email and postal address information to ensure their email and mailing addresses are up to date.

As far as educational opportunities, we are currently planning for three in 2012. We are confirming our speaker for the evening of March 28 for GI Nurse's Day, an Interventional Hands On Course and of course our Fall Roundup in October. We look forward to helping provide quality education and support for our GI nurses and associates during 2012. Please let us know how we can better serve you.

David Hambrick, BSN, RN, CGRN
President, NTSGNA

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